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Signature Elotes

Elote Loco

Mayo, Parmesan, Creamy Butter

Croppes Elote Loco.png

El Diablo

Chipotle Mayo, Hot Cheetos, Chipotle Butter, & Tabasco Sriracha

Cropped El Diablo Cob.png
Cropped El Diablo.png

Queso Mess-O

Chipotle Mayo, Parmesan, Nacho Cheese Doritos, & Creamy Butter

Cropped Queso Mess-O Cob.png
Cropped Queso Mess-O.png

Don Limon

Mayo, Takis, Tajin, & Smoky Lime Butter

Cropped Don Limon Cob.png
Cropped Don Limon.png

Señorito Dorito

Chipotle Mayo, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos & Jalapeño Butter


Street Corn Bar

Step 1: Choose your style

Cob or Cup

Step 2: Choose your base


Chipotle Mayo

Creamy Butter

Step 3: Choose your topping(s)


Hot Cheetos


Nacho Cheese Doritos

Cool Ranch Doritos

Step 4: Choose your drizzle(s)

Creamy Butter

Smokey Lime Butter

Chipotle Butter

Jalapeño Butter

Tabasco Sriracha Sauce

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