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Catering Packages

Bookings for events taking place on or around holidays are subject to an additional charge.

Event locations that are in excess of 20 miles from our HQ are subject to a mileage fee.

All packages include cups ONLY, cobs must be requested.

Our entire menu is included in each package.


Elote Bar

The Elote Bar is a great alternative to on-site catering, in which you can self-serve and have present for your guests for a longer period of time. It is 100% disposable, so there is no need for us to come back and pick anything up. Our entire menu is included in the Elote Bar and it keeps the corn warm for up to six hours.

*The Elote Bar comes with cups only. Pre-packaged cups are available upon request.


If you wish to have us handle the serving and setup from beginning to end, the on-site catering is a great option. We recommend this alternative for larger parties with a designated serving time per package. This offers you and your guests the ability to customize individual orders and leave the serving to us.

*Catering package hours can be increased for an additional fee*

For larger packages, please email us at

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